Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

All content, materials and information published on this website and on the website’s newsletters, videos, blog, classes, online courses, speaking events and wellness consulting services are protected by copyright and are owned by or licensed to Passion Fit, LLC and Reena Vokoun. Unauthorized alterations, copying, duplicating, posting, republishing, reproduction or transmitting of any material on the website without prior written permission is strictly prohibited.

From time to time, Passion Fit, LLC and Reena Vokoun may be asked to write product reviews for companies and brands in exchange for free products, incentives or compensation. This will be called out to users and readers within applicable blog and social media posts.

Information submitted to the website via the newsletters, videos, blog, classes, online courses, speaking events and wellness consulting services is not confidential. The information provided on this website and via the above mentioned services consists of health, wellness, fitness nutrition and mindfulness ideas and tips, but is not meant to substitute the advice of a medical or health professional where appropriate.

If you choose to use the the above mentioned content, materials, information or services, you are responsible for seeking clearance from your doctor as needed when applying the health, wellness, fitness, nutrition and mindfulness tips and suggestions and exercising at your own pace and within your own limits. Passion Fit, LLC and Reena Vokoun will not be responsible for any injuries related to participating in the above mentioned services.

Please note that not all exercises are suitable for everyone, so please take precautions by stopping and calling your doctor immediately if at any point during your workout you feel dizzy, faint or have physical discomfort. By using this website and the website’s content, materials, information and services, you agree to these terms.

Last Updated May 23, 2018.