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Mission and Vision

My name is Reena Vokoun and I am an entrepreneur and the founder of Passion Fit! My content and services include online workout videos, local fitness and dance classes, a blog, wellness workshops and speaking engagements on fitness, nutrition, mindfulness and healthy lifestyles, newsletters and social media content. My mission through Passion Fit is to help women flourish from the inside out by focusing on their health, wellness and fitness. My vision is to create a local and online wellness community where women can have fun, make friends, feel supported and be encouraged to achieve their dreams and goals. I hope to help each of you on your own unique journey. Feel free to visit my site often for new ideas, tips and inspiration! My motto is: “Pursue your passions, be fit and the rest will follow…”

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Client Testimonials

"By far my favorite workout. It's a mix of fun and exercise. Reena does a great job in designing a class that's easy to follow, with options for beginners all the way to advanced and gives you your money's worth. Your body will definitely be moving and feeling the great workout. I also watch her videos on YouTube to do some exercises at home and must say that they have helped me get my arms more toned!"

-Lulu C.

"Reena is both a great fitness instructor and a fitness inspiration! Her energy and passion for healthy living and an active lifestyle are contagious. She makes workouts fun and I always manage to leave her classes with more energy than I came with."

-Amy H.

"Reena's clear instructions and enthusiasm during class keep me going strong and smiling the whole time. She loves what she's doing and will make you love it too!"

-Jenn S.

"Reena is a genuinely compassionate woman who sincerely cares about her clients' health and well-being. She's upbeat, friendly, kind and fun, not to mention a wealth of information about fitness and nutrition. A former Google employee, she has brains and brawn and will be sure to give you a well thought-out, balanced workout. Her Passion Fit: Train classes are rigorous, and offer quick results. I'm having a lot of fun in Reena's classes, plus I'm getting fit and making friendships. A win-win."

-Michelle G.

"Not only will you get an amazing workout, but you will leave a Passion Fit class inspired, full of energy and supported. Reena designs new workouts for each class to challenge your muscles, engage your mind and encourage you to have FUN. A lifelong runner, I appreciate the Passion Fit: Train classes, especially as a way to get fantastic strength training into my workout schedule. Classes with Passion Fit also support a community, so you are working out with new friends who encourage you, even when you feel like the moves are tough (like I do with all things dance!). I dare you to try one class and not be hooked!"

-Sarah D.

"I love taking workout classes with Passion Fit. Reena is super energetic, fun and keeps you moving. My sister and I really enjoyed her dance classes too. Not only did we have fun dancing, but we ended the class feeling like we got a really good full body workout. I would highly recommend Reena!!"

-Lisa P.

"It's one of my favorite work out classes. Reena is an amazing instructor and knows what it takes to melt fat away. I have been taking Passion Fit classes and doing the home workout videos for the last two years and I have to say, my body is completely transformed. Looking forward to all the future classes!"

-Shilpa S.

"Reena and Passion Fit are a hidden gem! Reena is extremely passionate about wellness and it shows through her teaching. She will go out of her way to ensure you get the proper training that best suits you. I've attended many of her classes and always feel good at the end of her class. Don't underestimate her tiny size, because she's got the energy of an Energizer Bunny. You'll be drenched in sweat, while she barely breaks out one! Give Passion Fit a chance and get to know Reena, because she will not only be a great instructor, but a friend for life! Thank you Passion Fit!"

--Katie V.

"Reena is an awesome teacher. I exercise every day, and found she gave a fabulous workout which both challenged and inspired me. She had great music and she provided modifications for varying levels of fitness. Highly, highly recommend! You will love the class!"

--Heather H.

"Awesome instructor, has tons of new moves and songs! Vibrant and fun class!"

--Rupali N.