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Amazing Workout Accessories for the Holidays

Happy Holidays, Passion Fit Crew! I hope you all are celebrating and enjoying the season with friends and family and gearing up for an exciting New Year ahead. If you’re like me, you’ve probably been working your way through your holiday shopping list throughout this month and may be in the midst of finalizing your last few gifts for some key family members. If that’s the case or even if you want to shop for yourself, I wanted to let you know about some amazing new workout products to check out.

I was recently introduced, by a common professional contact, to Jessica Louw, the very talented founder of a San Diego-based retail company called aLign. As two entrepreneurs in the health, wellness and fitness space, we had a wonderful conversation over the phone about each of our efforts in helping people lead healthier, happier and less stressful lives and how we could possibly partner together to have an even bigger impact. Jessica recently sent me some sample products that I could experience for myself and then blog about and share with my students, blog readers and social media followers, while I directed her to my YouTube channel and website so she could share my workout videos, blog posts and teaching schedule with her network.

aLign is a fantastic brand of activewear and accessories products to allow the modern woman to stay active and healthy while tending to the other key areas in her life as well. aLign makes a beautifully multifaceted bag called the aLign Mesh, which can be used to fulfill the many roles a woman plays in her life as a working professional, mother, fitness enthusiast, wife, etc.  These bags are both stylish and functional and can be used to store laptops, cell phones, workout clothes, shoes, water bottles, diapers, baby bottles, etc. The bags are very thoughtfully designed with several compartments and strap options to make the transition from work to home to the gym to play dates seamless. Made of 100% genuine leather on the exterior and eco-friendly mesh on the interior, these bags are of exceptional quality and are priced affordably at $164.99. I love my new bag and will be using it often to support me in my busy and active lifestyle!

Another great aLign product is the aLign Sip 32 oz. water bottle. This is an extremely high-quality bottle that is BPA free, has a retractable straw and is priced at only $17.99. Another bonus is you can order it with motivational messages to keep you feeling inspired throughout the day. Finally, just like the aLign Mesh bag, it looks stylish and is also very functional for everyday use at the office, gym, home or on the go.

Feel free to check out these products at and reach out if you have any questions. Also, for those who are students in my classes, I’ll be bringing them to class in the coming weeks for you all to check out in person!

That’s it for today, guys. Sending lots of love and best wishes to you all to have a fantastic Holiday and New Year. I’ll be back with my next blog post next month and I’m looking forward to an incredible 2016 with all of you!


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