Five Reasons Why Breathing Fresh Air Is Vital to Our Health and Well-being

The year 2020 has tested people in many ways, including impacting our ability to breathe fresh air.

COVID-19 has put us at risk of upper respiratory illnesses, which could have long-term effects on the lungs and breathing. We’ve had to shelter in place and wear masks both in public indoor facilities and outdoors to protect against the virus, which has made it hard to breathe fresh air in day-to-day life. And most recently, much of California and the West Coast has had to deal with wildfires, smoky skies and poor air quality, which has made it dangerous to venture outside for nearly a month.

While it’s been hard to take on these challenges this year, we certainly have perspective and an appreciation for the basic necessities and joys in life, including the importance of getting fresh air. Following are five reasons why breathing fresh air is vital to one’s health and well-being.

To read the full article in the Los Altos Town Crier, click here.

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