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Going on Vacation? Don’t Forget to Pack Your Workout Gear!

Many people take vacations this time of year, therefore, vacation season is in full swing with Spring Break, Memorial Day, Summer Break and Fourth of July all taking their spots on the calendar in the coming months. When people are on vacation, two things that often go out the window are exercise and healthy eating. However, it’s possible to enjoy your vacation and all the treats that come with it and still maintain a healthy balance so you can feel good when you are on vacation and when you get back. I just took a wonderful vacation to Hawaii with my family and wanted to share some tips based on what I did to maintain my exercise regimen and healthy eating habits during our trip.

What to Pack:

– A few workout tops, bottoms and socks you can mix and match

NOTE: If you won’t have laundry options available where you’ll be staying, then pack a few more since you’ll likely be sweating through each workout outfit. 😉

– One pair of cross training or running shoes that can be used for any type of workout

– Your iPod or phone with your workout playlist uploaded (if applicable)

– Your Fitbit or other tracking device (if applicable)

– Sunscreen if you’ll be exercising outside

– Sunglasses if you’ll be exercising outside

– Water bottle since you’ll definitely need to hydrate before, during and after your workout

Since you’ll be occupying precious space in your suitcase for your workout gear, you’ll hopefully feel motivated to make use of it while you’re on your trip. Beautiful scenery and convenient exercise facilities will also help motivate you, so below are some logistics to consider for your vacation.

Where and How to Work Out:

– For tropical vacations, go for beach runs if you’re staying close to or on the beach

– You’ll likely choose a hotel with a pool to enjoy, but consider using it for swim workouts as well

– Pick a hotel with a gym if possible for convenient access to weights and workout equipment

– Ask your concierge/hotel guest services for good hiking or walking trail recommendations

– Ask your concierge/hotel guest services about yoga and other fitness classes offered

My favorite workouts to do while on vacation are going for runs along the gorgeous beaches, hiking along beautiful and mountainous trails and taking outdoor yoga classes. My husband and I also really enjoy exploring new cities and destinations on our feet so we can get exercise as well as take in our surroundings. Our kids also enjoy it and it’s something you have to train them to do early on, so they’ll grow up wanting to be active on vacations as well. You don’t have to work out every single day of your trip (unless you want to of course).  However, it’s good to set a goal that you’ll work out a few days or you’ll try to be active in some way every day or most days of your trip.

As far as eating and nutrition while on vacation? My philosophy is to keep things in moderation. I’m all for enjoying rich, local cuisine, fun cocktails and delicious desserts, however, I try to also balance that with eating healthy as well. While it may not always be convenient and easy to eat healthy when traveling and in new locations, just try to do the best you can and make sensible decisions.

What to Eat:

– Enjoy locally grown fruits and vegetables on your trip

NOTE: If you’re traveling overseas, just make sure ahead of time that it’s safe and there aren’t any contamination concerns with eating or drinking anything water-based that’s locally grown or irrigated, including fruits, vegetables and drinking water. You should be fine within big resorts, hotels and restaurants, but it doesn’t hurt to double check with your doctor and with the various locations. Bottled water, fruits with peels and cooked vegetables could also help alleviate any concerns, but again, just double check.

– Order seafood, lean meats and proteins wherever possible

– Ask for brown rice, whole grain pasta, bread and cereal and if they aren’t available, limit carbs

– Ask for skim milk, low fat cheese and yogurt and if they aren’t available, limit your dairy intake

– Consider ordering appetizers instead of full meals or sharing meals with family or friends

Well, I hope these tips are useful for the next time you go on vacation. If you have additional thoughts or ideas, please feel free to share them as I’d love to hear from you guys. How do you prioritize exercising while on vacation? What are your favorite workouts to do? What do you like to eat?

Have a wonderful weekend, Passion Fit Crew and I’ll be back with another blog post soon!



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