Is Work-Life Balance Realistic for Both Women and Men?

There have been many headlines lately in Forbes, The New York Times and USA Today to name a few, on whether or not it’s possible for both women and men to attain work-life balance. While many companies in major metropolitan cities and regions are providing more work-life balance related perks, such as generous maternity and paternity leaves, onsite childcare, corporate fitness centers and more, there still seems to be a gap, especially for women who have children.

While we’ve come a long way in providing more opportunities for work-life balance, more awareness and steps can be taken to continue to close the gap, not only between employee needs and company policies, but between women and men as well. The more men can also take advantage of work-life balance perks, the more it frees up women to take advantage of them on a level playing field and it allows spouses to alternate and better collaborate to manage their work and family lives. Therefore, below are four ideas for organizations to consider to create even more opportunities for work-life balance for both female and male employees:

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