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Passion Fit is Finally Born!

Hello friends!

I’m thrilled to introduce you all to my new blog called…Passion Fit! What exactly does Passion Fit mean, you ask? Well…to me, it means many things….pursuing your passions, nurturing all the important relationships in your life (including your relationship with yourself), giving back, being spiritual in your own way, continuously challenging yourself to learn and grow, being grateful, having perspective, being engaged in the world, focusing on your health and wellness and being “fit” in life through things such as good nutrition, exercise, sleep, drinking lots of water, managing stress and deep breathing. These are all topics I will be covering in my blog and I look forward to sharing ideas and stories and connecting with readers with similar interests.

So let’s talk about how my Passion Fit blog was born. It originally started as a tiny idea I created in my head one night before going to bed in December, 2012 and has grown into a concept that has become near and dear to my heart. I’ve been passionate about health, wellness and fitness for as long as I can remember (seriously, since about the age of 9) and have always made it a priority for myself and my family. In future blogs, I’ll share many of the things I’ve done throughout my life in these areas. I’ve also known, since the age of 22, that someday I wanted to share my thoughts and ideas on these very topics with the rest of the world including my extended family, friends, community and professional network through writing, speaking and teaching.  

Obviously, life is busy for all of us and it certainly has been and continues to be for me. However, I’ve realized that you have to make the time to do the things you love and not let busyness, fear of failure or any other roadblock get in your way. Only then can you realize your full potential, truly fulfill your life’s dreams, feel complete and never have to wonder, “what if?” So now, that’s exactly what I’m doing in starting to write this blog, among a few other pursuits.

I hope you’ll join me on this new and exciting adventure I’m about to take on. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and connecting with you!

And with that, I leave you with this picture of me in action, getting my Passion Fit on! 😉

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