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Training with Rubberbanditz Resistance Bands

Hi Passion Fit Crew! I hope you guys are doing well and are off to a great start in 2015. I also hope you all are getting out there and staying fit and active. Today, I wanted to talk about training with resistance bands and with the Rubberbanditz resistance band in particular. Rubberbanditz recently reached out to me and sent me a complimentary resistance band to test out. Therefore, I wanted to write up a product review to share my findings with all of you and discuss what types training you can do with this cool product.

I was intrigued with Rubberbanditz because many major athletes and professional sports teams such as NBA stars, Lebron James and John Wall and several MLB players from the Kansas City Royals and NFL players from the Kansas City Chiefs are training with these bands. So I was eager to try them out as well!

Check out this article in PRWeb for more details on professional athletes using this product:

When I first felt the band, it felt a lot thicker than any other resistance band I’ve tried in the past. I was both excited and intimidated by this as I knew it would provide for an effective, yet challenging workout. I think the thickness of the band really does speak to it’s high quality and in my opinion, not only makes it resistant to your own force, but resistant to breakage as well. It also allows you to get a nice, tight grip when you’re doing various exercises with it. Here are five of the exercises I tried with the band, which I not only plan to incorporate into my own training, but would consider doing with my Total Body Sculpt classes in the future as well. If you’d like to try any of these exercises, just be sure to check with your doctor first if you have any health concerns.

1. Split Squats with Bicep Curls: Step on the band with your right foot forward and circle it around your wrists once or twice to get the desired level of resistance. Then start performing a split squat to work your hamstrings, glutes and quadriceps and a bicep curl at the same time. Keep your core engaged, spine neutral and elbows tucked into your body. Also, flex your arms up to shoulder level on the way up and extend to thigh level on the way down. Keep a 90 degree angle with your front leg while dropping your back leg down towards the ground, knees behind your toes and work against the resistance of the band the entire time. Repeat this same set of exercises with your left foot forward.

2. Squats with Upright Rows:  Keep your feet about shoulder-width apart and step on the band with each foot. Circle the band around your wrists once or twice for the desired level of resistance and hold the band with both hands in the middle. Then squat down to work your hamstrings, glutes and quadriceps, while pulling the band up towards your chin with your elbows pointing upward, to work your deltoids. Then come back up with your legs and bring your arms down in front of your thighs. Tuck in your core, keep your back straight and make sure your knees don’t come over your toes. Work against the resistance of the band the entire time.

3. Leg Lifts: Hold the band with each hand wider than shoulder-width apart and position the bottom of the band on your right heel with your right foot flexed and leg pointed behind you. The left standing leg maintains a slight bend in the knee. Then slowly lift your right leg up and down to work the glutes and hamstrings. Repeat this same exercise with your left leg as well. Keep your spine neutral, core tucked in and continue to work against the resistance of the band.

4. Jump Squats: Step on the bottom of the band with each foot and keep them shoulder-width apart. Hold the top part of the band with both hands shoulder-width apart and push the band out further with both elbows. Squat down to work your hamstrings, glutes and quadriceps, then pick both feet up off the ground and do a power jump and squat back down again. Make sure to land softly on the ground to protect your knees, keep your core engaged and work against the resistance of the band.

5. Tricep Rows: Hook the band on a piece of furniture, workout equipment, door knob or pole of some sort. I hooked my band on my elliptical machine at home. Step back to extend the band and place your hands on each side. They can be as high up or as low on the band as you want, depending on your desired level of resistance. Keep your your core tucked in, spine neutral, elbows close to your body, knees bent and chest up. Then, using your triceps, pull your elbows back behind your body and then extend your arms back out. Continue to work against the resistance of the band the entire time.

That’s it for today, guys. If you’re interested in getting your own Rubberbanditz band, check out:

for more product and purchase details. I’ll be back with another blog post soon!

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