4 Ways a Wellness Community Can Inspire Us All to Be Healthy and Successful In Life

The last year of the pandemic has created uncertain and isolating times, which have impacted our wellbeing in many ways. It’s made us more aware of just how important our health really is, and what can happen when it’s not intact. And as vaccine rates continue to rise, Covid-19 cases continue to decline, and the world continues to open back up, we’re emerging into a new normal. Two important components of this new normal, for many, include a desire for wellness and community.

According to a Gallup Active Living Study and a Texas A&M Wellness Community Study featured in Fast Company, those living within active environments and communities experienced lower rates of obesity, diabetes, smoking, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and depression, and higher rates of social interaction and cohesiveness. Studies show there’s a clear and positive link between wellness communities and health and wellbeing, which could also lead to being successful in many aspects of our lives.

Here are four ways a wellness community can inspire us all to be healthy and successful in life.

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